“From the Eldersburg.Net studios in downtown Eldersburg, the town that’s unabashed, underwhelmed and unincorporated, it’s Eldersburg Lounge!”

This intro to the new Eldersburg Lounge video series, a production of Eldersburg.Net, is reminiscent of the …”Here’s Johnny!” from the Tonight Show.

Various shots of sights around Eldersburg play throughout the introduction, providing instant recognition and familiarity for fellow Eldersburg residents.  This intro sets the stage for what follows in each program, which is a professionally created video with Host Ron Riley interviewing a local guest each week.

Jon Allen, is the publisher of Eldersburg.Net and creator of Eldersburg lounge.  When asked how he came up with the idea for the new program series, he said he wanted to have something fun and entertaining on Eldersburg.Net, that showcased the people of Eldersburg.  His objective was to style it off of a 70’s style lounge.  The studio set is complete with lava lamp, disco lighting and a retro-looking wall hanging of beads with a large sun.  There is even a hostess who delivers drinks in martini glasses.  The Eldersburg Lounge logo, styled off of the “Welcome to Vegas” sign, is appropriately flashy and featured throughout each video on a screen behind the host and guest.

Host Ron Riley is a retired professional radio and TV announcer.  In the mid 90’s, he was the morning weather anchor at News Channel 8 in Washington, D.C.  He now freelances in radio, TV and other projects such as the Eldersburg Lounge.

The video is shot at Waganer Digital Video, an Eldersburg based state-of-the-art production company.   Owner Rich Waganer said that a main goal of Eldersburg Lounge is to “create a high-quality product to showcase Eldersburg.”  Some of the tools his company brings to Eldersburg Lounge include prompters, a virtual studio set with green screens and blue screens, high-definition cameras and high-end film cameras.  The Director of the shows is native Carroll Countian Dan Russell.

Rich’s response about the vision for the program is to “bring interesting stories of residents, activists, and people making a difference in the community. While it’s starting as a program with a typical talk show format, the show’s design may change in the future.  The plans are to use more good ideas and watch it grow.”

Guests on the show will represent people from various facets of life in Eldersburg; such as political leaders, sports figures, local theater stars, those active in the community, and unusual folks of Eldersburg.  One thing was clearly evident in speaking with both Jon and Rich:  They wanted to bring comedy and fun to the show for the folks of Eldersburg to watch and enjoy.

Watch Eldersburg Lounge

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