zimmer_michaelName: Michael D. Zimmer
Birthday: 1964
Eldersburg Resident Since: 1990
Occupation: I am an attorney. I have my own law office. Now Secretary on the Carroll County Board of Commissioners.
Short Bio: I graduated the University of Maryland Law School in 1989 and began to practice law in Carroll County later that same year. In 1990 I married Cherie and moved to Eldersburg. We have two young daughters.
I have my own law practice still in Carroll County. I ran as a republican candidate for Carroll County Commissioner in 2006 and I serve as Secretary on the board.

Associations & Affiliations: I attend LifePoint Church. I am a member of the South Carroll Business Association. I am chair of Marriage Savers of Carroll County. I am on the Carroll County Board of Commissioners.

Favorite thing to do in Eldersburg: My favorite thing to do in Eldersburg is to go out and eat at local restaurants with my family. Each member of the family seems to have her or his favorite.

Favorite Hobby: I love to read. I love to read newspapers and internet news sites. I am fond of reading about history. I tend to gravitate toward biographies and military history.

Favorite Musical Artist: Newsboys

Favorite Book: Undaunted Courage by Steven Ambrose. It is account of the Lewis and Clark expedition which especially focuses upon Lewis.

Favorite Movie: Patton

Favorite Website: Carroll County Republican Central Committee

If you could add one thing to Eldersburg, what would it be? A single-member Commissioner district that would represent all of Eldersburg. It is time for the people of the Freedom Election District to have a strong voice in country government.

Last updated: June 18, 2007