willard_adamName: Adam Willard
Birthday: February 2
Eldersburg Resident Since: 2002
Occupation: Programmer Analyst
Short Bio: I grew up in Mount Airy and spent a lot of time enjoying the outdoors with my family. I began taking pictures when I was young which led me to start a career in Graphic Design and Web Programming. I have worked for the Maryland Department of the Environment, Carroll Community College, and Carroll County Public Schools. In 2003, I started NetLinked Studio, LLC, a Web Design and Photography business.

Favorite Thing to Do in Eldersburg: Buffalo Wings and Beer, Spending time with my wife, Photographing and Fishing at Piney Run Park

Favorite Hobby: Photography

Favorite Musical Artist: Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson

Favorite Book: The Essential Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson

Favorite Movie: Clerks.

Favorite Website: Flickr

If you could add one thing to Eldersburg, what would it be? Sidewalks on 26

Last updated: July 19, 2006