Robert-WardName: Robert Ward
Birthday: September 10th
Eldersburg Resident Since: 1979
Occupation: Web Programmer for the Social Security Administration
Short Bio: I have lived in Eldersburg my whole life. I went to Freedom Elementary School, Sykesville Middle, and Liberty High School. Besides four years in college in Philadelphia, I have lived here entirely. I went to Widener University where I got a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science and came back home to Eldersburg. I have always kept a close tie to the athletic programs at Liberty, and coached track and cross country there for the last 5 years.

Associations & Affiliations: I am a board member on the Eldersburg Rogue Runners (and the webmaster). ERR has a lot of great programs for kids (and adults) of all ages. Also a member of the Westminster Road Runners Club, do things with CMAC (don’t know what that stands for sorry), USA Track & Field, and a certified Track & Field/Cross Country Official

Favorite Thing to Do in Eldersburg: Getting some crabs from Captain Dan’s or Salerno’s and eating them with my sisters and families at my parent’s house.

Favorite Hobby: Snow Skiing & Hiking (just got back from doing the incline on Pike’s Peak!)

Favorite Musical Artist: Tough..I loved Alanis Morissette’s Album Jagged Little Pill, love most Billy Joel songs

Favorite Book: Whichever one I am currently reading (actually reading a few now – Narnia, the second Wizard of Oz book, the 3rd Lord of the Rings book, and going to start Harry Potter)

Favorite Movie: Aspen Extreme, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Favorite Website: First one I visit everyday is

If you could add one thing to Eldersburg, what would it be? I would build an indoor facility with all sorts of programs for kids (including an indoor track that the county high schools could use) – one much like the one that have in PG county at the Redskins stadium.

Last Updated: July 30, 2007