mort_shumanName: Mort Shuman
Birthday: July 6th
Eldersburg Resident Since: December 2003
Occupation:Senior Business Analyst at T. Rowe Price

Short Bio: I grew up in Randallstown, MD and graduated from Randallstown High School in 1988. I then went to the University of Delaware, where I received my Bachelors Degree in Communication in 1992. I’ve worked for the State of Maryland, where I was a desktop publisher for their Public Affairs office. Then I moved on to work for the private sector in the marketing department at a small manufacturing company in Northwest Baltimore and eventually moved to Florida where I worked in the Human Resources department at the Sports Authority’s Corporate Office. I got tired of the heat in Florida, so I moved back to Maryland in 1999, and started working for T. Rowe Price in 2000. I enjoy what I do, working with great people and for a great company.

Associations & Affiliations:

Current Secretary of Carrolltowne Elementary PTA ( – website launching first week of October), and updated the school’s outdated website to include more useful information to parents, students and faculty

Current Secretary of Ravens Nest 14 (Eldersburg/Sykesville Chapter) – Nest 14 has raised over $50,000 for local charities since their inception in 2001

Member of Carrolltowne United, the group that tried to work with the developers and county officials to prevent the implementation of the 254 unit townhouse community on Ridge Road – unfortunately, we didn’t accomplish our goal.

Member of Freedom Area Citizen’s Council (FACC) – I care deeply about our community and want to work to make it even better than it already is. I like to consider myself a watchdog as well as someone who documents things the way they are and thinks about the way things could be.

Favorite Thing to Do in Eldersburg: Take pictures, hang out with family, neighbors and friends, and run into people I know at Martins.

Favorite Hobby: Photography; Computers; Watching the Ravens!

Favorite Musical Artist: The Replacements, the Smiths and REM (1980’s); Ben Folds (today); love lots of 80’s music!

Favorite Book: Don't have one

Favorite Movie: Original Star Wars Trilogy; the Molly Ringwald Trilogy (Sixteen Candles\Breakfast Club\Pretty in Pink); Boogie Nights

Favorite Website: Facebook! I also enjoy YouTube as well.

If you could add one thing to Eldersburg, what would it be?
Add a real mall – because the one we have now (Carrolltown Center) is a disgrace. I’m shocked that people consider the poor excuse we have for a movie theater to be acceptable. Oh, and a Target to compete with Wal Mart would be nice, too!