martin_grantName: Grant Martin
August 14
Eldersburg Resident Since: 1994
Occupation: Editor, MMG, Inc
Short Bio: I grew up in Williamsport, Pa., the home of Little League Baseball. After abandoning my dreams to play major league baseball, professional tennis, or lead guitar for The Rolling Stones (who knew Keith Richards would live this long?), I was lucky enough to meet my wife, who saved me from a life of pizza, beer, and television, not necessarily in that order. My current claim to fame is living next door to and looking like the brother of longtime Eldersburg resident and all-around good guy Mike Smith.

Associations & Affiliations: Toastmasters International, United States Tennis Association, Johns Hopkins University Alumni, and dad to three daughters who all turned out to be independent thinkers and ethical people

Favorite Thing to Do in Eldersburg: Eat shaved ice at the snowball stand with a family member and watch the sun set

Favorite Hobby: Tennis

Favorite Musical Artist: (All-time) Steely Dan; (Recent) Ben Folds

Favorite Book: (All-time) To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee; (Recent) Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Favorite Movie: (All-time) Casablanca; (Recent) Sideways

Favorite Website:

If you could add one thing to Eldersburg, what would it be? A public park that includes a trail for walking, jogging, biking, and skating along with lighted tennis and basketball courts