liberatore_danteName: Dante Liberatore
Birthday: 6-12-1974
Eldersburg resident since: 1984
Occupation: Restaurantuer / Chef / Janitor

Short Bio:Mamma e Pappa were born & raised in central Italy. My brothers & I were born in Argentina. Grew-up(sort of) in East Baltimore. I attended Dundalk Senior High School & University of MD.

Associations & Affiliations: SCBA, Appien Society, Sons of Italy

Favorite thing to do in Eldersburg: Piney Run Park is awesome!!

Favorite hobby: Soccer

Favorite musical artist: Eros Ramazzotti

Favorite book: Angels & Demons

Favorite movie: Johnny Stacchino (Roberto Benigni)

Favorite website: Geosense

If you could add one thing to Eldersburg, what would it be?
An ocean front view