davis_nimrodName: Nimrod Davis
Birthday: October 12
Eldersburg resident since: 1966
Occupation:Currently retired. Previously worked as a project manager for a construction company.
Short bio: Grew up in Watersville, a small town east of Mt. Airy. Attended Mt. Airy High School, Class of '43. After high school, joined the Navy, spent a few years in the pacific, then in April 1946 joined the Army, spend three years at Fort Meade and decided to join the Marine Corp for eight years, during which time the Korean War begun.

After being discharged, he worked for pipeline companies across the country, then settled down and begun working in the construction industry.

Since retirement he has stayed active with political clubs, the FACC and other groups.

Associations & Affiliations: FACC, The American Legion, Homeland Condo Association, Sykesville Bluegrass and Country Music Association

Favorite thing to do in Eldersburg: Eat out with my wife.

Favorite hobby: Reading

Favorite musical artist: Marty Robbins

Favorite author: Frederick Forsyth

Favorite movie: Three Days of the Condor

Favorite website: N/A

If you could add one thing to Eldersburg, what would it be? A place where both teens and adults could congregate and have a good time.