bobby_nancyName: Nancy Bobby
Birthday: January 16
Eldersburg Resident Since: 1994
Occupation: Owner, Second Floor Scrapbook and Rubber Stamp Store
Short Bio: Born in Washington D.C; grew up in Silver Spring; Graduated from University of Maryland with a degree in Interior Design; worked as a designer and space planner until the birth of daughter in 1990; employed with Gymboree Play and Music for 12 years as teacher and Operations Manager; purchased Second Floor in November, 2005. Launched Small World Memories in April, 2007.

Favorite Thing to Do in Eldersburg: Enjoying the beautiful country, either by walking, or visiting places like Piney Run Park.

Favorite Hobby: Reading, gardening, cooking, anything design or art-related; anything Disney-related

Favorite Musical Artist: I like a variety and it changes often! These days it would probably be Norah Jones

Favorite Book: Gone With the Wind, and any of the Harry Potter books

Favorite Movie: Probably “Gone with the Wind”, although it is not nearly as good as the book

Favorite Website: I love checking out the latest on Disney, so my current favorite is

If you could add one thing to Eldersburg, what would it be? A greater variety of restaurants! We have plenty of pizza, Chinese, and fast-food places, and several very nice restaurants: I would love to see a few more “in-between” type of restaurants.