E-Burg Word on the Street

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E-Burg Word on the Street
By Jay-Burg
August 11, 2006

This is the weekly source for all the unofficial stuff that may not be in Eldersburg Print. I’m Jay-Burg, local resident, worker bee, and connoisseur of everything E-Burg.

Is This Eldersburg? The green Eldersburg sign on the reservoir side went missing last week, a victim to an Eldersburg Scavenger Hunt that officially never happened. The "list" (that really didn't exist) gave varying points for acquisitions and activities including stealing the Eldersburg sign, swallowing goldfish, and climbing up the BB&T flagpole; reportedly one brave soul made it half way up.

Za-Zone Overload
- Yet another new pizza shop is opening up in the Burg. Amante Pizza & Pasta is looking to move in - no word when or specifically where yet.

Peace E-Burg,

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