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E-Burg Word on the Street
By Jay-Burg
August 14, 2008
This is the weekly source for all the unofficial stuff that may not be in Eldersburg Print. I'm Jay-Burg, local resident, worker bee, and connoisseur of everything E-Burg.

Main Street Eldersburg?
The highly anticipated Main Street Eldersburg shopping center, with environmentally-friendly design and upscale shopping and restaurants, has halted construction. Word on the street is that there are a number of reasons the project is not moving forward:
- Design changes to be approved by the County
- Approval of roadwork changes next to the project and funding for such
- Skyrocketing costs of green construction materials
- And the latest: Lack of solid committments from tenants, according to Bizjournals.com:

"the developers of Main Street in Eldersburg, the retail center aiming for a green building certification, have suspended work on the $20 million project until they sign at least four more tenants."

Stay tuned, we'll keep you posted...

Eldersburg Goes Gotham?
Just last year, Eldersburg was listed as one of the Best Places to Live and this year, well...maybe we just had a bad week:
- Vandalism at Deer Park Methodist Cemetary
- High-Speed Chase Through Eldersburg
- Mysterious barn fire at old Holniker farm
- Scootertronics break-in, the second in two weeks

Everyone has a bad week, so we'll just try again next week to get back to our utopic-setting form

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