Carrolltown Center


Carrolltown Center has become something of a joke in the minds of many Eldersburg residents. What used to be a thriving shopping plaza has since become an eyesore with a few stores that bravely stand fast against the cold, ugly edifice of the decrepit building. Now it has little use other than to provide office space for small businesses.

Unfortunately, that shows no sign of changing. For over two years now, Black Oak Associates, the owner of the mall, and Sears Holding, the owner of Kmart and holder of a long-term lease of mall space, have been in negotiations over redevelopment.

In the meanwhile, Eldersburg residents can only dream. If Black Oak and Sears finally do reach an agreement, what do you think should happen to mall? Should it be restored to its former glory, complete with a food court, Fun Quarters, and interior stores? Should it be leveled completely and left as a vacant lot, a reminder to never build a mall in Eldersburg again? Should it be converted to a teen hangout, to fill the void left by the closing of the movie theater? Answer below in the comments.

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