Frederick/Carroll Incinerator


Frederick/Carroll Incinerator
August 12, 2010

For those not in the know, Frederick County has been attempting to build an incinerator in order to save landfill space and reduce waste transportation expenses. In an effort to reduce Carroll County’s waste, Carroll County commissioners voted to enter a contract with Frederick County that would allow Carroll to jointly use the incinerator with Frederick. That was in 2008.

Since then, hundreds of Carroll and Frederick residents have protested against the building of the incinerator, which is set to open around 2015. The residents argue that the incinerator is too expensive –it would cost Carroll County $240 million dollars, which is about 40 percent of the total cost. Proponents of the incinerator argue that the project will save the county money and that it will be cheaper than hauling the trash out-of-state. Opponents of the incinerator argue that there are better and cheaper options to the incinerator, such as recycling or composting.

Residents are also in contention over the incinerator’s environmental impact. Opponents argue that the ash produced by the incinerator is toxic and that it contains dioxin, which has been linked to infertility. Proponents, on the other hand, insist that the ash isn’t dangerous.

What do you think? Should the incinerator be built? Or should the county seek another solution to the pollution?

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