Family Matters
December 2005
Hugh Jensen

Political correctness is a load of bunk. This Christmas Season I did not receive a single Christmas Card from another business. Dozens of Holiday Greetings but not a single Christmas Card. What is wrong with saying Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukah or Have a nice Kwanza. I say nothing is wrong and it really irritates me for people to say something as impersonal as Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays says “I didn’t take the time to really know which holiday you celebrate so here is the catch all so because I am too wrapped up in myself to care.” There, I said it. I have many friends who are from all races and religions. Heck, I make it a point to ask what they celebrate so I know for next year. Does god really think poorly of you if you wish a Moslem a happy Ramadan? Do the Jews think less of us because we celebrate Christmas? Many families celebrate multiple holidays. Especially Christian and Jewish, or Christian and Moslem.

I learned something this Christmas season from a Moslem friend. First their big holiday is Ramadan and it is focused on cleansing the sole. Second, was that true Moslems do not accept Christmas gifts. I say, cool. To skip the Christmas shopping frenzy starting at Thanksgiving and to avoid the return lines the week after Christmas is OK by me. I think these Moslems may be on to something.

This country is founded on the principles of freedom. Our sons and daughters are dying every day protecting our right to say Merry Christmas and I am chapped when people imply anything else. It is such a sad statement that the liberal left has determined it is politically incorrect to refer to a specific religion during the holiday season. The media publishes reports daily about the infidelity, moral erosion and perversion of our celebrity role models yet it is wrong to say Merry Christmas.

I didn’t send any cards this year (only because I waited too long to order them) but next year I am going to send Christmas cards to my Christian associates, Happy Hanukah cards to those who celebrate it, Kwanza cards where appropriate and I am even going to find some Ramadan cards for that season also.

Merry Christmas. There I said it. If you don’t like it, stuff it up your eggnog filled nose.

”Family Man”
Hugh Jensen

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