Family Matters
Common Courtesy During Funerals
February 2006
Hugh Jensen

I recently had the occasion to attend a funeral for a friend and relative. After the funeral at Haights Chapel in Eldersburg, we proceeded to go to Lake View Memorial Park (the cemetery) between the bridges on Liberty Road. What disturbs me is the rudeness which drivers display.

Mind you this was not a large funeral. The procession was probably a total of 40 vehicles preceded with the funeral escort, hearse and limousine. All black, all headlights and flashers on and each vehicle also bearing a tag stating FUNERAL.

Maryland law requires that vehicles participating in a funeral procession display their flashers and headlights so they may pass through intersections (traffic lights, turns etc.) uninterrupted.

As we left the funeral home on route 32 and turned left, all went well. When we arrived at route 26 and route 32 there were several vehicles which interfered with the procession. More than one honked their horns in an attempt to interrupt the procession and pass through. Bear in mind this occurred throughout the journey down Liberty Road. Conservatively, there were 12 or more vehicles honking horns, 10 plus weaving in and out of the procession and countless angry stares as we passed by. What a sad statement this is about our Eldersburg.

People morning their, husband, father, grandfather, father in law, uncle, neighbor and friend harassed by men and women alike during the final goodbye. Getting gas, booze, cigarettes or lunch was urgent enough for these inconsiderate jerks to consider the hearts of others. What a sad statement about our community.

I have relatives in the south, and consequently have attended several funerals over the years. Do you know that in southern states, when a funeral procession is in process, the cars on both sides of the road pull over to the shoulder and come to a complete stop? I guess people in those areas understand and value people.

Words can not express the disappointment I felt for our community after witnessing this complete disregard for others.

”Family Man”
Hugh Jensen

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