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BDG Tax Service

Phone: 410-552-5252
174 Klees Mill Road
Eldersburg MD 21784

bdg screenshotPersonal and business tax return preparation.

BDG Tax Service processes personal and business tax returns accurately, professionally, and on time, for less than most other tax processing firms and for less than what most accountants charge.

Taxes Done Accurately
When you use BDG Tax Service to process your personal taxes, you can rest assured that you taxes are done accurately. The IRS reports that over 6 million mistakes were made on tax returns signed by tax preparers for the 2001 tax year. Even though tax preparers sign tax forms, taxpayers themselves are liable for the information on their returns. Misktakes can be costly and hard to correct. National tax firms may charge extra to stand behind the service they provide.  

Taxes Done Professionally
BDG Tax Service Professionals are year-round tax specialists who keep up to date on the changing tax laws, deductions, and rules that impact your tax return. We don’t do taxes as a side job or seasonal business – we are professional tax preparers all year round. BDG Tax Service is a proud member of the National Association of Tax Preparers as well.

Open Every Weekday from 9-5

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