romeos1Romeo's Italian Bistro
Princess Shopping Center 1207 Liberty Road Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: (410) 552-5572
Hours: Mon-Thur (11am - 9:30pm) Fri-Sat (11am - 10:30pm) Sun (3:30pm -9pm)

Alicia McCarty
August 15, 2008

Romeo’s Italian Bistro, located in the Princess Shopping Center where Strapazza’s used to be, is an excellent addition to the Eldersburg dining scene.

Romeo’s has eloquent décor; from ceiling hangings, to paintings, it gives off an upscale Italian feel. The tables are set with scarlet red cloth napkins, and a small oil lamp, for a more romantic evening.

Although the service was a bit slow, and there seemed to be only one waitress on hand at times, they were always polite and friendly. However, it was a little irritating that we had to wait for our finished dishes to be taken away, and ask ourselves if we could order desert.

The food however was excellent. The mozzarella sticks we ordered for an appetizer were simple, but fresh, crispy, gooey and good. They were also presented well, on romaine lettuce leaves and with a metal dish of marinara.

The ravioli I got was covered in a butter cream sauce and filled with lobster. Despite looking a bit small at the start, the dish filled me up and tasted great. I definitely recommend this dish to anyone visiting Romeo’s.

My guest ordered a classic dish: eggplant parmesan. He was also satisfied and filled to the brim. The presentation of this dish seemed a bit lacking compared to the appearance of everything else we ordered as it was rather simple and less put-together.

For desert we decided to try the tiramisu, which was delicious. Although it was presented in a plastic dish, rather than a glass one, the appearance was still fantastic. It looked as delicious as it tasted.

All-in-all our order cost just over $39, not exactly cheap, but far from pricey. It was far worth the price in my opinion.

romeos5The only slight downfall to Romeo’s is that the menu is actually written in Italian. This does add to the atmosphere of the restaurant but does also make it a bit difficult to order, as the English names of the dishes are not written out.

Cleanliness is also always a concern, and not something you will have to worry about on a trip to Romeo’s. The booth, table, floor and waiting area were all nearly spotless. Romeo’s is a great alternative to Eldersburg’s more expensive Italian restaurant Liberatore’s.

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