zipaniA300Zi Pani Breads & Cafe
1311 Londontowne Blvd., Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: 410-552-0664
Hours: Mon-Fri (6am - 7pm)
Saturday: 6am - 4pm
Sunday: 7am - 4pm

Zi Pani is a coffee shop – wait, it’s a bagel shop – wait, it’s a sandwich and soup shop – wait, it’s all those rolled into one. With a more modern décor than a deli, Zi Pani Breads and Café offers a great selection of breakfast and lunch foods for casual coffee shop style eating in, or for carryout. Zi Pani offers a wide assortment of ground coffees, espresso, and fashionable coffee drinks including chaitea, caffee latte, caffee mocha, cappuccino, and espresso. If you think you might be a coffee regular here, consider splurging for the Zi Pani mug for $4.98 which gets you 20 ounce refills for only 71 cents. The bagels, made fresh daily, come in about a dozen assorted flavors and are traditional New York style. If you are buying bagels for the family or a get-together, go for the $10.99 bagel deal – the “Zi Crowd Pleaser” gives you a dozen bagels and 2 tubs of cream cheese. The bagels here are fresh and tasty.

zipaniB350Zi Pani’s other identity is that of a soup and sandwich shop. It serves wonderful deli-style sandwiches – only grilled. If you’re looking for something original and tasty, try the Chicken Pesto Panini Sandwich. It’s a grilled chicken breast topped with swiss cheese, pesto sauce, fresh spinach, sliced red onions and ripe tomatoes on a fresh-baked herb focaccia bread. The soups offered are tasty and served very hot. Other lunch offerings include bagel sandwiches, specialty sandwiches, and soups. The salads are fresh, but nothing exceptional or memorable.

A Krispy Kreme Donuts display seems a misplaced fixture, and an odd fitting for a gourmet-style experience. Zi Pani is conveniently located in the Safeway Shopping on 32, just north of Liberty Road. If you’re looking for good coffee, fresh bagels, or a nice lunch, you won’t be disappointed. Remember that it’s a chain though, so it’s lacking that homegrown mom and pop touch. That includes the service, which is satisfactory at best – as seen on several visits; on the last visit, our tray sat on the counter for several minutes without anyone asking for it’s rightful owner before we claimed it. Zi Pani’s will appeal more to the newer Eldersburg transplant.

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