arbys-001Arby's Restaurant
1438 Liberty Road Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: (410) 549-6385

Alicia McCarty
August 13, 2008

Arby’s Fast Food Restaurant advertises that they will rescue the world from boring fast food with their unique one-of-a-kind sandwich, sub and side options. While their food choice is unique in that it does not include the average fast food burger, they might be trying a little too hard to please customers with new flavors instead of old favorites.

In Eldersburg, the Arby’s is located adjacent to K Bank, in the shopping center that houses Meiklejohn's. Arby’s took the place of Masci's after Roy Roger’s moved out several years ago. The building is very new, clean and attractive, inside and out.

Although the employee who took our order was far from enthusiastic, she was nice, and did her job well, patiently waiting as we placed our entire order which included a regular roast beef sandwich, a grilled chicken fillet sandwich, a Rueben meal, which included seasoned curly fries and a Pepsi drink, loaded potato bites, an Arby’s orginal, and an orange cream shake.

arbys-002The food was up quickly, so we took our tray and were seated. Our table was clean, absent of left-overs from past customers. My guest decided to try the “Arby Sauce” which was somewhat of a disappointment, as it seemed to be ketchup with a few added spices.

While my guest enjoyed the seasoned fries, I would’ve preferred a normal, unseasoned fry with my sandwich. The fries were also curly, leaving me to wonder if we would’ve actually got more normal, standing fries with a meal from McDonald’s or Burger King for the same price.

The roast beef sandwich was solid; however, the chicken fillet was rather disappointing. The tomatoes were a bit pink, and there was a large chuck of fat on the chicken fillet itself.

Throughout our meal we kept returning to the loaded potato bits in an attempt to figure out what exactly they were. We concluded that they were filled with some kind of cheese, a small amount of potato, and some bacon bits. All-in-all, they were not that satisfying.

arbys-004The Rueben was a nice effort at authenticity, a good move away from a traditional ham or turkey sandwich, but was just average on all accounts. The marble rye was fresh and there was no problem with the corn beef, but there was only a small amount of sauerkraut.

Our meal ended with a few sips of the orange cream shake, which was just a little too sweet in our eyes and a little too large; we didn’t even come close to finishing the entire shake.

Nothing that we ordered was over $4, the majority of the items being about three. At the time of our visit, Arby’s was advertising a Pick 5 deal, which allowed you to choose five of eight select menu items for the price of $5.95. While this is a good deal compared to the original price of the items, it still can not compare to the McDonald’s Dollar Menu.

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