Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC, A&W
1314 Londontown Road
Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: (410)795-2097
Hours: Sun-Thurs 10:30am-11pm; Fri-Sat 10:30am-12pm

Eldersburg.Net Restaurant Notes
July 10, 2005

Combining two American pasttime favorites, the Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC)/A&W restaurant is a great pick for convenient - almost fast - food. KFC serves great chiken, including the classic Colonel's recipe, chicken strips, and chicken popcorn. The shared A&W counter serves the classic A&W chili dogs as well as a variety of good burgers, and the world-famous root beer. Expect to wait eight to ten minutes after ordering your food inside to get your food, but it's well worth the wait. If you order the root beer, be sure to get a chilled mug for the self-serve tap root beer. The drive-through is hit or miss and has kept patrons like me waiting for up to twenty - count 'em - twenty minutes; so if you're in a hurry, try inside.

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