25 Liberty Road Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: (410) 552-9991
Hours: Mon-Thur (10:30am - 9pm) Fri (10:30am - 10pm) Sat (11am - 10pm)
Sun (12 noon to 9pm)

Alicia McCarty
July 30, 2008

Belisimo’s, which recently relocated to the old Wing Man building at the corner of Klee Mill Road and Liberty, is Italian owned and operated, offering up a large variety pizzas, subs, sandwiches, wings and sides, along with traditional Italian dishes, such as spaghetti, lasagna and alfredo.

Having dined and visited Wing Man on several occasions, entering Belisimo’s new shop stuck me and my guest with a bit of déjà vu. Although the décor has changed, and the stuffed animals and toys are gone, the arcade games linger, as does the welcome chalk board mounted in front of the door.

Stepping up to the counter we were not greeted by an employee, but rather left alone with the menu, which had been taped to the counter. Within a matter of minutes someone stepped out from the kitchen, offering to take our order:belisomosfood
Half a dozen Volcano wings, an eight inch Italian cold cut sub, and a Gyro Griller meal, which included fries and a small Greek salad according to the menu.

We took a seat at one of the booths located adjacent to the entrance. There were no napkins or condiments placed on the tables, much to our surprise. Our food arrived shortly, placed on plastic plates and a carry out container. The “waitress” if you will, seemed rushed and impersonal. Although the arrangement and appearance of the food was ordinary, nothing about it was by any means unattractive.

The wings, spiced with the second hottest sauce available were hotter than my guest could remember, but still good. Finishing the wings was another problem though, because an insufficient amount of napkins was provided. A quick walk around the shop revealed that there were no napkins sitting out, and, not seeing an employee is ear shot, we were left to use somewhat dirty napkins again.

The Italian cold cut seemed just right, containing the perfect amount of meat, vegetables and mayonnaise. While the sub was nothing exceptional, it was enjoyable and tasty. Eight inches is also a good size to split two ways.

belisimos-002Moving on to the Gyro meal, we were once again left searching for an item not found sitting out in the shop: ketchup. Despite this however, the fries were still very satisfying. The “small Greek salad” however, was somewhat of a disappointment. Aside from one olive and a small amount of feta cheese, there was nothing Greek about it. The dressing provided was good, but lacked an authentic Greek taste. The Gyro itself was delicious.

The meal was filling and for only $20 dollars, worth the trip.

Although the restaurant was clean and provided plenty of seating, it would be best as carryout. The food was not served on real dishes, the staff was impersonal, and finding anything in the restaurant was something of a challenge. Belisimo’s does have a rather unique draw however, providing pool tables and arcade machines for those who are interested.

Delivery and catering are available. The restaurant also has two other locations; One is located in Finksburg on Baltimore Blvd. and the other in Westminster on Westminster Rd.

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