franks-001Frank's Pizza
1311 Londontown Boulevard
Phone: (410) 795-9507
Hours: Mon-Sun(11am - 11pm)

Alicia McCarty
August 5, 2008

Although there are many pizza places in Eldersburg, Frank’s Pizza, located in the Londontown Shopping Center, offers something that none of the other shop or restaurant can: true Italian ownership that you can see, feel and hear.

Despite lacking the aura that a nicer, more upscale Italian shop might have through decorated walls and fancy menus, Frank’s gives off an authentic Italian feel. Whether it’s from the constant chatter of the family behind the counter (in both English and Italian) or the smell of fried dough and melted cheese, Frank’s is oozing with authenticity.

Choosing what to order was no easy task with so much on the menu. First the Pizza: 14 inch, extra cheese; Then the sub: 9 inch cheese steak; A salad: classic Italian; and a side: garlic knots; and at the last minute, my guest and I decided to try a calzone too.

The number of pizza toppings and types surprised us, as we had never seen such a large variety. There were also many different types of subs, and plenty of sides.

franks-002The employee who greeted us was very friendly, upbeat, and willing. Although he seemed rushed, he managed to be polite and kind. We took a seat at one of the booths located in the store and found it to have all the essentials: salt, pepper, napkins, hot peppers and parmesan cheese.

Served carryout style, the food was wrapped in foil, placed in paper bags and handed off to-go, even though we were planning on eating in. I am unaware if there is a difference between how the food is served if you were to order ‘carry-out’ or ‘for here’ because I was not given the option. This was perhaps one of the few downfalls of this visit to Frank’s.

Our pick for the best food of the night was the cheese steak sub. Filled with cool lettuce and warm fried onions, on soft bread, it was better than any I had had from any other Eldersburg sub shop.

The Calzone looked delicious, toasted to perfection with a crisp light brown crust. Served hot, we anxiously waited for it to cool so we could dig in. Although we had a hard time keeping the cheese in the crust, it was still enjoyable.

The pizza was good: nothing exceptional, but still satisfying and filling.

Piled high with yellow peppers and large tomato chunks, and doused in a very unique dressing filled with spices and cheese, the salad was fresh, cool, and tasty. The only small disappointment of the night was the garlic knots, which were not fresh.

Overall, Frank’s is definitely more of a carry-out restaurant. Still, the service is excellent and the real Italian feel brought out by the family ownership is unmatched.
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