ledoLedo Pizza
Water's Edge Village Center, 577 Johnsville Road, Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: (410)552-4000
Hours: Mon-Thur (11am - 10pm) Fri-Sat (11am - 11pm) Sun (12 noon - 9pm)
Web Site: www.ledopizza.com

Alicia McCarty
August 25, 2008

Ledo Pizza is one of several pizza places in the Eldersburg area that offers a dine in option that is more than just eating carryout at a booth.

The décor of the restaurant first struck our attention, setting Ledo apart from other pizza places such as Belisimo's or Franks that do not offer any aesthetics. We were then greeted by a member of the waiting staff who took our drink orders and informed us that the waitress who would be taking care of us the rest of the night would be out shortly. We had already decided what we wanted to order and were patiently waiting for our waitress to take our order. When she finally arrived she was not only friendly but very apologetic for being late.

We decided to try Ledo's new appetizer, the calamari. Although the rest of their food seemed a bit too casual to be serving an almost delicacy, we thought we'd at least try their new dish. It was served on a bed of waffle fries, with a cup of malt vinegar and jalapeño peppers. Not the classiest of dishes but it fit with the rest of the Ledo menu. The calamari was okay at best; very chewy at times, but the idea of pairing it with fries, which were excellent, was a good choice.

For our entrées we ordered one personal veggie pizza and one specialty sub. The pizza was good sized with about nine pieces, all of which were evenly covered in cheese and vegetables. The pizza was exceptional; the veggies were fresh and crisp. The flaky golden crust was also a great addition to the already delicious pizza.

The sub was being advertised as one of the restaurant's "Taste of Florence" specials. It featured four different types of cheeses, garlic, ailoli, baby spinage, roma tomatoes and grilled chicken on freshly toasted bread. This was our pick for the best food of the night. All the warm Italian tastes came together perfectly in this sub. It was also very filling and satisfying and went well with the veggie pizza. This was the most interesting and tasty sub I had ever had.

While the food was above average, the service was not. Our waitress often let our drinks go unfilled and did not take time to ask how our meal was going. Had we wanted something, or had a question for her, flagging her down would have been somewhat difficult. She was however very polite and friendly, so perhaps she was just having a bad waitressing day.

Our meal was also reasonably priced, totaling at a little over $20 without tip, a price that could have been much lower if an appetize and specialty were not ordered.

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