jp_exteriorNew York J&P Pizza
6252 Sykesville Road Sykesville, MD 217847
Phone: (410) 552-4400
Hours: Sun-Thur (11am - 10pm) Fri-Sat (11am - 11pm)

During the holidays, or any other time of year, J&P Pizza has proved itself to be a valid answer for the oh so difficult question, “Where should we eat tonight?”

Upon entering the establishment, and parting ways with the frigid wind, the restaurant immediately struck me as a low-key family environment. But immediately, an energetic, young host approaches me and contrasts the entire look of the place. And this is an aspect of J&P Pizza that really seems to hold it all together: the staff. The members that have to interact with customers tend to be young females with perky personalities and positive attitudes, which is quite refreshing to find.

As for the food, it is what you would expect from a New York style pizza parlor. They offer the typical appetizers with entrees ranging from pizza (of course) to pastas to subs and cheese steaks.

jp_staffI chose a complicated order with a specifically made salad and pasta dish. Everything was correct when brought out to me, and the portions were more than enough to eat while seated, and there was plenty to take home with me.

The pasta was a heaping bowl, with a good ratio of sauce to noodle. Overall, nothing out of the ordinary. But what jumped out at me was the quality of the bread that automatically comes with the dish. It was soft, warm, and delicious. Whether you choose the garlic or the regular bread to accompany your meal, you cannot go wrong.

The prices did not tend to vary too much, even from an appetizer of chicken fingers ($7) to a dish of baked ziti ($9.50). Most entrees hovered around the $9-$13 range, with the most expensive being the seafood dishes and the whole pizzas.

The premise was decorative with assorted Christmas lights lining the walls and a Christmas tree with pizza boxes disguised as presents. Medium sized TVs offer something to look at if the art on the walls isn’t doing you justice. The two areas of dining are well lit with modern style spot-lights, which is unusual in many other restaurants.

jp_interiorOverall, the establishment is fairly clean, and smells as it should: like a New York counterfeit Italian restaurant. Although the mess on the tables after guests leave is generally left there until the table is needed, no one seems to mind.

The restaurant is actually a branch off of the Illiano Brothers’ franchise, and many of the chefs appear to actually be of Italian decent.

J&P Pizza is good place to order your pizza and take it home or stay in the restaurant. Either way, you can bet that your inner Italian will be gleaming afterwards.
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