pp-exteriorPap Pap's Pizza
Oklahoma Center, 1720 Liberty Road, Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: (410)549-2800
Hours: Mon-Sat 10:30am-9:30pm; Sun 12pm-8pm
Web Site: www.pappaps.com

Looking for American Fare cuisine at reasonable prices? Then look no further than Pap Pap’s Family Restaurant, located in Oklahoma Center, 1720 Liberty Rd., between Habib’s Kabob and Thai Classic.

Layout and decoration

Pap Pap’s has a very retro feel thanks to its largely pastel interior coloring. The walls are covered in mustard yellow have various artwork hanging on them, including old photos of neighboring Sykesville. The floor in the rightmost dining room has a cranberry covering of paint while the leftmost dining room switches to a traditional tiled floor.

All of the tables in Pap Pap’s are affixed with bench seats, with some chairs available for tacking another person onto a table. The benches lack any sort of padding, which has the potential to be uncomfortable for some patrons. That being said, benches are not ergonomic oddities and for most people will cause no problems.

The restaurant is very open. Both dining rooms are fronted with walls of panel glass, allowing for the sun to shine in and offer some natural light. Unsurprisingly, the tables located next to these large viewing windows are always the first ones taken. The dining rooms, while distinctly separate, are nonetheless linked by a large passageway between them and an even larger glassless window cut between the two areas.

pp-interior-leftThe kitchen keeps with the openness of the rest of the restaurant. Besides the mid-chest high counter, there is nothing obstructing patrons from seeing every move made in the Pap Pap’s cooking area. Considering some of the acrobatic feats that Pap Pap’s employees can pull off with pizza dough and grill utensils, having an open kitchen almost acts as a show to go alongside with dinner. The only areas not visible for privacy and practicality are the manager’s office, the store room and the washroom.

The food

Pap Pap’s has a menu of typical American Fare food, with the twist that they will make it in almost any way that a patron desires. They serve made-to-order cheese steaks, chicken cheese steaks, hamburgers, meatball subs, chicken tenders and the like. They also have a wide selection of cold sandwiches including chicken salad, shrimp salad, tuna salad, roast beef and turkey – all served on an equally wide selection of breads. Side orders are what you’d expect: French fries, mozzarella sticks, curly fries, onion rings, macaroni and cheese and other tasty items. Prices for all of these items are what you’d expect from an American Fare restaurant.

Where Pap Pap’s stands out is with its large pizzas and cheap pizza prices. Typical pizza parlors within Eldersburg sell large pizzas that are about 14 inches in diameter. Pap Pap’s serves 16-inch large pizzas as a standard for about the same price as competitors.

Pap Pap’s specialty pizzas include Hawaiian, Veggie, Meat Lovers, Ranch Chicken, White, Cheese Steak and BBQ Chicken pizza. As with the grilled food, pizzas can be made-to-order with any variety of toppings. The customers have an almost limitless choice of how they can have their pizza made. Looking to have spinach put on your pizza? No problem. What about chicken tenders? Sure thing. Even though the item may not be on the menu Pap Pap’s workers will happy make it for you.

Service and cleanliness

As with most hybrid fast food / casual dining restaurants there are no waitresses in Pap Pap’s per se. Customers must go up to the counter and place their order, then pick their own seat in one of the dining rooms. The employees in the establishment work as a team to get the food out to customers as quickly as possible, even if it means a cook has to carry the food out to patrons. For this reason, service is almost always fast.

Aside from the occasional crumb left on a table or piece of paper on the floor, Pap Pap’s is a clean restaurant. The bathrooms are kept clean and were even recently redone. The kitchen is kept presentable, especially important considering how it is open.
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