Osaka Hibachi Grill

Osaka Hibachi GrillAddress: 6300 Georgetown Boulevard, Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: (410)549-3215
Hours: Mon-Thur (4:30pm - 9:30pm)
Fri (12pm - 2pm; 4pm - 10pm)
Sat (4pm - 10pm) Sun (1pm - ? pm)

Most Exotic Place to Dine in Eldersburg
Osaka Hibachi Grill can be called the most exotic place to dine in Eldersburg. There are at least five reasons which justify this description:

Osaka Hibacki InteriorDécor. Osaka Hibachi Grill is the only restaurant in Eldersburg with an indoor goldfish pond with a foot bridge. The pond is located near the entrance to entertain the guests who are coming in, waiting to be shown to their tables, or leaving. The popularity of the pond and the restaurant itself is so great that hundreds of people wish to come back there by throwing coins into the tiny pool.

There are no typical tables at the Osaka Hibachi Grill. Large Hibachi grills are surrounded by the long wooden eating spaces creating several distinct islands which furnish the dining rooms. These islands are populated by guests sitting next to each other and following the same dining schedule, even if they have never seen each other before. Each island will seat 12 people, and most of the seats are taken before the chef himself comes out to cook for and entertain the group. Truly, dining with strangers is one of the main attractions of the Osaka Hibachi Grill. By the end of the meal they are not strangers any longer. You know what and how they eat, what manners they have, what they like to talk about, and even how much they tip…just kidding…not!

Osaka CookingCooking. Osaka Hibachi Grill serves its food either grilled or raw. One exception is Miso Soup, rich brothy soup with balck seaweed, scallions, and tofu, which must be boiled. In addition to grilled rice, noodles, fish, lobster, steak, shrimp, chicken, and vegetables Osaka Hibachi Grill has a large selection sushi, cooked or uncooked Chinese rolls, excellent for an appetizer or the main course.

Grilling takes place in front of your eyes after you place your order and the raw ingredients are brought to the table. It’s not a usual grilling, however. The chef seems to be a well trained entertainer in addition to being an excellent cook. He will make an onion volcano spitting fire in front of your eyes, and make you catch shrimp with your mouth. Whether you want to participate or not is totally up to you. It’s fun just watching your tablemates being silly. This is the whole point of dining out, isn’t it? Relaxing, enjoyable evening out is everyone’s aim. Osaka Hibachi Grill offers it to you.

Food. Osaka Hibachi Grill has very exotic, yet strangely familiar, food selection. From shrimp with rice and vegetables to medium cooked steak with noodles, everything is spiced with unique Japanese spices, but grilled in front of your eyes. Miso soup is a familiar food to many, as is the green salad with your choice of dressing (if not specified otherwise the default dressing here is Japanese of course). Dinners are delicious and nutritious.

More exotic are sushi selections provided on request in a separate menu. California roll with avocado, crab, and cucumber might sound familiar, but the flavor of this and other sushi selections is unique and spectacular. Just try one of the rolls featuring eel as their main ingredient. They are simply exquisite.

hibachi5Service. Another exotic feature of this restaurant is its staff selection. All servers are dressed in traditional Japanese kimono-like outfits, some long, some short, all very shiny, colorful, and bright. All chefs wear bright red chef’s hats, white jackets, and black pants. All service members at Osaka Hibachi Grill stand out, which is very helpful when you need their attention. They even sing for you if it happens to be your birthday! Service is prompt and well organized, although the staff considers everyone at your table before moving on to the next course. However, if you eat slower, or faster than your companions, your style will be honored without making a big fuss about it.

hibachi4Drink. Sake is one exotic drink. It is a strong Japanese wine/vodka available at the Osaka Hibachi Grill. Japanese beer and other exotic beverages are also available. I recommend the Flaming Volcano, which is big enough for two, actually flaming, and drank through a straw. Have you ever had liquor through a straw? Try it, it becomes infinitely more potent… Of course, water, coffee, and sodas are also offered.

In spite, or maybe rather because, of these atypical restaurant appearance, it is a fabulous place to dine with your family, friends, or business partners. Even babies are welcome here, especially the ones who enjoy watching steam, fire, and a lot of unfamiliar sights, as this is what they will see a lot of in the Osaka Hibachi Grill’s exotic dining rooms.

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