Chili's Grill & Bar
1312 Londontown Blvd, Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: (410)552-9970
Hours: Weekdays 11am-11pm, Weekends 11am-midnight
Web Site:

Eldersburg.Net Staff Review
Mouthwatering Marvel
July 18, 2005

chilis200Chili’s Restaurant in Eldersburg is a gem to behold. If you just drive past it on route 32, you will notice two things. One, Chili’s parking lot, large as it is, is always full. There is never a day you can find this parking lot empty (don’t worry, there will be one space waiting just for you), just like there is never a day Chili’s has fewer guests. Why? The answer brings us to number two, delicious scent of freshly grilled meats and vegetables. It isn’t just that many of Chili’s entrees are grilled, they are grilled in a rainbow of unique flavorful spices, and they are truly grilled to perfection.

A variety of appetizers lets you adjust your taste buds to the shock of the best food you’ll possibly ever have in your life. We suggest the “Triple Play”, a mix of spicy buffalo wings, sweet chicken crispers, and southwestern egg rolls, each chilistripleplayaccompanied by its own sauce, perfectly balancing the flavor of each distinct appetizer. Other appetizer selections include buffalo wings, nachos, and hand-battered fried onion, to name just a few. Try each of them, they’re worth it!

Have you already guessed? Chili’s serves mostly southwestern type of foods, but you have to think outside of the box. This is not your typical Mexican restaurant by any means. From fajitas to burgers, what you will find here is nothing short of healthy, satisfying, mouthwatering food. If you prefer light fair, soups and salads, like the Quesadilla Explosion, will make you happy. If you’d rather eat something hearty, saucy baby back ribs, or absolutely exquisite New York strip steak, are great choices for you. Even if you only eat chicken, Monterey chicken with BBQ sauce will blow you away!

Children have over 10 items to choose from, and each of them comes with a side item (fries, apples, beans, mashed potatoes, rice, broccoli, corn, the works...) and a drink. These are very reasonably priced between $3 something and $5 something. Prices are comparable to fast food places, food quality is not. Even the separate children’s menu, ready to be played with and colored, is created with the whole family in mind. Don’t we relax better when our children are happily busy?

So, if you are asking yourself whether Chili’s is a good place to take your family to dinner, the answer is YES. If you are asking yourself whether Chili’s is a good place to take your date out, the answer is YES. You want to meet someone? Go to Chili’s. Do you have to invite your business associates to lunch? Take them to Chili’s. It is an all around best casual dining place in Eldersburg. It even has a take-out section to it. Call ahead to order from the take-out menu, then drive up and park in one of the take-out parking spots, then pick up your food. How easy is that? Calling ahead is a good idea for regular dining as well. Otherwise you might end up with this cute, trembling, shiny pager, which lets you know, in no uncertain terms, that your table is ready. If you’re into gizmos, maybe having to go through it not such a bad idea, anyway.

If you enjoy “adult” beverages, amazing Margaritas could be the highlight of your trip to Chili’s. These drinks, because of their variety, add much to the Eldersburg’s diversity. Of course, you could always decide on a beer, instead. All the spirits are here neatly displayed in a separate, colorful menu. Just take your pick.

If you think that we're the only ones hip to Chili's, think again. Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of restaurant openings in Eldersburg, leaving some establishments more and more empty; places like Chili's that can consistently deliver great food, service, and fun are the reason why. You might be pleasantly surprised to know that Chili’s has a chain of restaurants, 12 of them in Maryland, and each of them equally fabulous. After all, the more you do something, the closer you are to achieving perfection. Chili’s is very close : )

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