hunangarden1Hunan Garden

Address: Princess Shopping Center (behind Bob Evans) 1207 Liberty Road
Eldersburg, Maryland 21784
Phone: (410) 549-1211
Hours: Monday thru Thursday 11 AM – 9 PM
Friday and Saturday 11AM – 10PM
Sunday 4PM – 9 PM

Owner/Manager – Jenny Zen

If you like Chinese Cuisine and we all do, this is the place to go for carryout.

Located behind Bob Evans, Hunan Garden offers wide selection and excellent quality cuisine.

The menu is plentiful, help is exceptionally polite. I have been there several times and Jenny (the owner is there all the time. Appetizer, soups and main dishes all excellent all the time.

Want something different, can’t find your favorite tea, stop in and get a pleasant cup of gourmet tea, coffee or a really good smoothie. Stillwater is hands down the best place in Eldersburg for an evening cup of tea and dessert. Tea selection is too extensive to describe. The décor is intimate and relaxing.

Service is lead by Eldersburg local Jenny Zen and she is right in the thick of it. This carryout is exceptionally clean. Food is prepared rapidly although I recommend calling ahead. Food is prepared fresh (no steam tables or crock pots here), Portions are large. Vegetables are prepared to perfection. Even the carryout containers are “presented”. There is something special about a business owner on site. Our family gets a variety of dishes and then we serve them at home family style. Everyone takes some of everything. Jenny pays close attention even to the carryout containers and dinners are served in high quality reusable plastic. A good thing, since there will be leftovers. Containers are microwavable and tonight’s dinner is tomorrow’s lunch.

I recommend the Kung Pao Chicken and Hot Sour Soup. Other favorites include General Tsao’s Chicken (white meat) and Beef with Brocolli. Try the spring rolls, they are crisp and not the least bit greasy.

Business tempo is fast but everyone is welcome. Children, parents, friends and neighbors, you find them all at Hunan Garden sooner or later.

Employees are mainly adults. Parking is abundant and easy. Reasonably easy access on and off Liberty Road via next to Bob Evans.

Definitely the place for dinner and a good choice for lunch. Surprise the family and bring home some take out.

Prices are very good. Quality is high. An appetizer, Dinner and soup will cost about $13.50 and you will have enough left over for lunch tomorrow. Dinner for two adults and two pre teen children will be about $30.00. Shrimp dishes are impressive. Definitely the biggest shrimp served in any meal in Eldersburg.

Cleanliness is superior. Best in class. The counter team is very careful when preparing your order. Floors, appliances, utensils, counters and the seating area. All clean, all of the time.

Word is traveling fast that Hunan Garden is “Good Eats”. Check this one out soon. You’ll be glad you did.

Hunan Garden earned the following marks:
Cleanliness 4star
Service 4star
Price 4star
Value 4star
Kid-Friendliness 3star ½
Food 4star
Overall 4star

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