Tristar opens new location in Mt. Airy
January 5, 2010
Eric Villard

tristar-plaqueTristar Martial Arts, a martial arts school with locations in Eldersburg and Westminster, recently opened a new location in Mt. Airy because of increased interest in the western portion of the county, said Eldersburg officer manager Deborah McCarron.

The grand opening occurred on December 1, 2009. While there were no grnad opening specials being offered, McCarron said the Mt. Airy location would be having a personal safety seminar in January and would host multiple personal safety courses.

McCarron mentioned that the location would essentially just be an extension of the other dojos. β€œIt’s the same curriculum, the same programs – the same everything is going to happen,” she said.


Husband and wife pair Keith and Debbie Thompson founded Tristar Martial Arts in 1996. Since then their academy has been the recipient of various awards. Their schools have even gained both national and international recognition. An event that the school hosted over the summer saw visitors from as far away as Alaska.

Tristar helps younger pupils develop skills to defend themselves, develop a sense of respect for themselves and others, learn focus and discipline, build confidence and help develop life goals. For older students martial arts practices can help to sharpen physical and mental ability by reducing stress and increasing strength and flexibility.

For additional information, the Eldersburg Tristar can be contacted at 410-549-7827. The new Mt. Airy location can be reached at 301-829-9245.

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