Restaurant Notes - January 12, 2010
January 12, 2010

pappaps-renovationsExterior renovations

The strip center at 1720 Liberty Rd., next to McDonald's is currently undergoing some renovations. The center, which contains Habib’s Kabob and Bagel Café, Pap Pap’s Family Restaurant, and Thai Classic, is hoping to increase traffic to the center sprucing up the exterior. The center recently lost one of its major anchor businesses, Re/Max Realty.

Jim Moran, one of the owners of Pap Pap’s, said that the building’s landlord is trying to fill the void left pappaps-bobcatby Re/Max. Tyler Connaway, a worker at Pap Pap’s, said that word on the street was a consignment shop might be taking Re/Max’s place.

A word of warning - during the renovations parking space is limited and navigating the parking lot during peak hours can prove hazardous.

What’s the scoop on The Scoop?

The Scoop, located off of MD 32 and Johnsville Rd. intersection by Asian Taste and Ledo’s Pizza, is preparing to change up its menu. The ice cream parlor is going to start selling deli items in addition to frozen treats. The new menu will include both breakfast and lunch items.

Why the change? Owner Diane Harman said selling ice cream by itself doesn’t pay the bills during winter. The newly dubbed “The Scoop-Deli” opened on January 11 and will be offering free food samples until Sunday, January 17.

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