Demolition of Freedom Golf Center underway
January 12 , 2010
Eric Villard

fgolf-entranceAnyone driving west just outside of the center of Eldersburg has undoubtedly seen that Freedom Golf that the demolition of Freedom Golf Center to make room for the new Liberty Exchange business park.

Much of the center had already been dismantled, including the golf driving range and most of the large white barn building. Still intact are the batting cages and much of the mini-golf course. The landscape, once dominated by the golf course, now instead showcases behemoth earthmovers parked neatly in a row when they are not in motion.

St. John Properties plans to make Liberty Exchange a mixed use business park. Despite some public backlash from nearby residents whose concerns ranged from light pollution to increased traffic congestion, the company got the go ahead for the park in September 2009.

The park will offer approximately 40 acres of new business space. The plan St. John presented in September to the Carroll County Planning and Zoning Commission called for a gas station, a bank, a restaurant, a tier of retail space and tiers of office and flex space.

For more information on the property as well as a detailed site plan, visit St. John Properties’ Web site.

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