December 17 , 2009
Eric Villard

kfc-no-awRecent visitors to the Eldersburg KFC may have noticed that the establishment has lost its A&W signs outside and had the A&W logo in some cases covered in black tape.

According to store manager Keith Jones, KFC has decided to stop serving A&W products at some of its establishments. While the corporation still owns the rights to A&W, he mentioned that at some locations it was just not enough of a money maker to keep serving the American Fare items.

β€œA&W was mostly hot dogs and hamburgers,” Jones said. β€œIt was not feasible for us to carry the product anymore.”

The A&W menu served up more traditional fast food items, including fries. Jones mentioned that in place of fries KFC offers potato wedges to customers.

But what impact will this have on customers? Jones mentioned that the A&W menu did not bring in that many customers and that most who came in used the KFC menu anyway. For those who were A&W fans, Jones said that he was sure they could find something on the KFC menu that they would enjoy.

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