The South Carroll Business Association (SCBA) Board elections were held at the SCBA December luncheon at Salerno's on December 15, 2010. There were five Board seats up for re-election. Two incumbents were re-elected and three new SCBA members were elected.   The board is excited to announce the additions of Marcia Duffy, Sue Jaeger and Tom White.

After the luncheon, a new slate of board officers was elected. The 2011 SCBA Board of Directors is as follows:

President:  TOM ALESSI of New Windsor State Bank
Vice President:  MARCIA DUFFY of State Farm Insurance
Treasurer: SUE JAEGER of Susquehanna Bank
Secretary: ERICA FENDLAY of Edwards Jones Investments
Past President: DAVE BURROWS of Visual Integrators
2nd Past President:  JON ALLEN of Advantage Internet Marketing
LARRY HELMINIAK of Carroll Insulation
DICK COYNE of Freedom Wireless Broadband
MIKE YANCHORIS of First Financial Group
TOM WHITE of VTM Consulting

SCBA Administrator LAURI JONES

Q & A with new SCBA president Tom Alessi

1. What is the most important agenda item SCBA is addressing?
I don’t think there is one issue that deserves more attention than the many things the organization is trying to accomplish.   Next year will be a challenge for us to manage the three major events we will schedule.  Those would be the Bull Roast, the Golf Tournament and the Expo, which we are reviving on March 26 as the Community Showcase.  We are hoping that each of those events will help our members get better exposure to the marketplace and help the general community at the same time.  But I would not want us to ignore the benefits of the monthly meetings and networking events held during the year.   All of these events help shape the SCBA.

2. What do you see as the most valuable benefit of joining the SCBA?
The most valuable benefit of the SCBA is the people you meet.  Whether it is networking to build your customer base or establishing valuable resources for your business, the contacts made and the relationships established at the SCBA are priceless.

3. What do you see the SCBA's role in the community?
The SCBA’s roll in the community is to raise the level of interaction between businesses operating in the area and the general community members.  Sometimes businesses can make the best connection with the general community by connecting with each other.  Any viable community is based on a symbiotic relationship between the businesses that need the customers from the community and the community members who need the goods and services of the businesses in that area.    If the SCBA is performing its role to the optimum level, it will maximize the contact between those segments of the community.

The SCBA is a network of local business owners and managers providing opportunities, referrals and partnerships in cooperation and support of our fellow members and neighbors.  More information about the SCBA is available at

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