For almost 100 years, the grilled cheese sandwich has been a favorite of both children and adults -- a delicious food that’s great for lunch or dinner.  Now, Eldersburg has the opportunity to enjoy this simple and popular menu item in a unique and wonderful way.  On April 12, 2011, Grilled Cheese & Co. opened up a new restaurant on Johnsville Road in Eldersburg.  So far, critics love it!

Grilled Cheese & Co.’s unique menu offerings appeal to both meat eaters and vegetarians alike, with sandwiches named Smashed Meatball, Kickn’ BBQ Chicken, Crabby Melt and Veggie Delight.  Their cheese varieties cover American, aged cheddar, pepper jack, fresh mozzarella, provolone, crumbled blue, Monterey jack, swiss, parmesan, harvati and brie.  There’s even a sandwich that could double as a dessert, called the Sweetest Thing, with brie, raspberry preserves and chocolate chips.

Grilled Cheese & Co. opened their first store in Catonsville in 2010, and has enjoyed immediate success.  Their new location offers the same fare as their Catonsville office, minus the fries.  However, they've added a greater variety of chips to account for this.  Their menu also offers soups and salads, also simple staples of our American diet.

A visit to their website gave a snapshot of their company’s culture and core values.  Their openly stated positive values regarding their culture contain a list that could be applied with pride to any company, or family for that matter.  Well, maybe not the one about providing the best grilled cheese sandwiches, but hey, that’s what it’s all about!

In addition to all this, they care about giving back to the community, and have already worked with support causes that help end childhood hunger in America and have supported cancer research.  They also honor good grades with grilled cheese rewards.  Just take a report card to their restaurant.

More positive – the new store opens up the need for about 30 employees.  That’s great news for a tired economy.  They're also hip with online social marketing, having links to facebook, twitter and YouTube from their homepage.  You can sign up online to join the Grilled Cheese Club and receive coupons, special offers and a free grilled cheese sandwich for your birthday and wedding anniversary.  Go to .

With indoor and outdoor seating at their new location, delicious food and an appeal to both young and old, Grilled Cheese & Co. should be a culinary hit this spring in Eldersburg.

Video that tells the Grilled Cheese & Co. story

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