Tips to help keep yourself honest in the new year
January 5, 2010
Eric Villard

newyearsclockThe new year brings with it fresh beginning and hopes of a brighter tomorrow – at least until the year actually begins.

New Years resolutions have a habit of falling to the wayside for many who try to make them. Ideas that seem fresh and new on Dec. 31 have a nasty habit of becoming dreadful on the morning of Jan. 1. Take a look below for some tips on how to keep yourself resolute when deal with your resolutions. This list was compiled from Time.

1. Don’t kid yourself
Rule number one is accountability when it comes to keeping your resolutions. Bending the rules here or there weakens the overall promise. Sneaking an extra cookie when you’ve limited yourself to one or slacking on an exercise routine for just one day could ultimately sabotage your resolution.

2. Quit cold turkey, at least for a time
The idea behind this is that if you cannot last at least for a small time without something, then chances are moderating use of that something will end in failure.

3. Do what the Dalai Lama would do
Part of kicking any habit is recognition of what causes you to have the habit in the first place. Meditation can be a good method to reflect on your actions and determine what leads you down whatever your unwanted path is.

4. Don’t try to scare yourself straight – use positive reinforcement
Do not punish yourself every time you have a lapse with your resolution. Instead, get into the habit of rewarding yourself whenever you reach a benchmark on your overall plan.

5. Get better friends
People have a tendency to imitate those close to them, be it family or friends. Because of this habits, good and bad, have a habit of spreading through social groups. Supportive friends can act as role models and can help you through any slip-ups you have in your resolution plans.


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