If you have ever wondered if a few people can make a difference you should get to know the Leo Clubs.

On Saturday December 18th LEOS from Liberty High School and Century High School met in the Eldersburg Walmart parking lot. They were on a mission to shop for Christmas gifts for seventeen children in Eldersburg and Sykesville.

With the help of the Freedom District Lions through their Youth Outreach Committee funding was allocated. The Lions quickly realized the available funds were insufficient for seventeen children. When the call for funds went out, the Masonic Lodge, C & A Automotive, Pine Valley Tree Farm and Athletic House responded with very generous support. This support was complimented by donations from Lions members and Leo families. The result was sufficient funding for a great Christmas for these children.

Lead by the Liberty Leo Faculty Advisor, Principal Tom Clowes, Leos from both schools headed to Walmart and were personally greeted by the General Manager Davis Jean-Louis. Leos filled 18 shopping carts full of gifts and lined up to go through the register while beads of sweat formed on Clowes forehead in hope that he had enough money. Following a stressful visit to the cash register Leo parents headed to Kohls for more shopping. This shopping ended with several hours of wrapping hundreds of presents.

Monday, parents picked up the presents and they were overwhelmed by the generosity of the Leos. But wait there’s more…..

The Leos wanted to also provide Christmas dinner for these families. Plans were put in place to purchase full meals for the families from a local grocery store. These plans fell through at the last minute. We contacted Bruce Reamer (owner, Salernos) in hope that we could purchase prepared meals. Reamer stated that Salernos would donate the Turkey dinners. FoodPro of Frederick stepped forward and contributed a large ham and several other items for each family. The result is a true Christmas feast for each of the families. But the Leos aren’t finished yet.

Now they had some remaining money originally planned for meals so Leos from Liberty High School and Century High School are meeting at Shoppers Christmas Eve to purchase fruit and a few other items to help stock the family’s shelves. Following the trip to shoppers, the Leos are meeting at Salernos to pick up dinners for delivery to the families.

Thanks to the determination of the Liberty Leos and Century Leos combined with the generosity of Eldersburg businesses and residents, several families will have stocked shelves and much needed items as well as several nice gifts for Christmas. This is truly the spirit of Christmas.

Make a difference in your community. Join the Lions Club. If you are in high school, join the Leo Club.

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