In what could arguably called the worst day ever in Eldersburg traffic, a small but dangerous snow hit Eldersburg midday, causing major disruption to traffic throughout town.  Roughly two inches of snow fell, but the timing and slick coating on Eldersburg roads left many struggling to get around town.

School Buses Run Late

The Carroll County school bus system, and subsequently children and parents were greatly impacted by the snow.   Several school buses were running up to an hour and a half late, with parents unsure if their children were at school or en route.  Adding to the confusion were recorded messages from Carroll County Public Schools saying which buses were running late, only to be followed by updated messages that parents could pick up their children if they wished, but parents unsure where their children were.

Traffic Nightmare

The snow caught many off guard, especially drivers, who caused a number of traffic-choking accidents.  Accidents contributed to closings on Route 32 and Route 97, causing huge backups on Liberty Road, Route 26.  What usually took motorists minutes to get across town took hours.  Reports on Twitter and Facebook included:

  • A six-mile drive taking four hours
  • Two hours to get from Carrolltowne Center to Walmart
  • Returning commuters taking up to six hours to get home

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