At the intersection of Route 26 (Liberty Road) and Route 32 (Sykesville Road) in Eldersburg, there is now a friendly greeting, in the form of a ten-foot wide sign reading “Welcome to Eldersburg:  settled 1750.”  There is also a depiction of a Black-Eyed Susan, the Maryland state flower, above the words.  The sign was erected on February 18th, conveniently, after the January accumulation of snow had finally melted and before the next several inches arrived overnight on the 21st.

Photo from left to right: Ross Dangel, Freedom Area Citizens’ Council, Doug Howard, District 5 Carroll County Commissioner, Tom Alessi, SCBA President and Larry Twele, Director, Carroll County Dept. of Economic Development.

The Freedom Area Citizens Council planned the sign and found two other parties to help fund the sign. The total cost -- around $4,000 -- is being shared by the Carroll County Department of Economic Development, FACC, and the South Carroll Business Association.

Shannon-Baum Signs of Eldersburg made the sign, sand-blasting the maroon and gold design (which was originally drafted by one of the other bidders for the work) into a piece of sign foam. Sign foam is a common sign material that is more durable and weather-resistant than wood. FACC will be responsible for maintaining the sign in the future.

Ellen Dix, President of the FACC, said, “Though we are an unincorporated area of almost 30,000 residents, Eldersburg has a strong community identity. For the people who live here, this sign is a bit of affirmation of that identity.”  The sign will also identify Eldersburg and welcome those who enter this intersection from Howard County, Baltimore County, and even Pennsylvania.

Photo:  Corner of Liberty and Sykesville Roads, before the new Eldersburg sign was erected.


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