Drivers headed northbound on route 32 may have noticed that the right lane was closed, as workers installed a new sidewalk between Eldersburg Marketplace (home of Martin’s, Home Depot, Kohl’s) and the Eldersburg Post Office.

As of Thursday, the sidewalk is complete up to Progress Way, and there is one loose end to tie up. The median on Progress Way had to be cut back, in order to allow pedestrians to cross Progress Way without swerving around the median into northbound traffic on route 32.  This is especially important for those in wheelchairs or pushing strollers.

Previously, there had been a sidewalk on route 32 between route 26 and just outside the Martin’s building, and between Progress Way and  Bennett Road.  There was just a small section that had been left out.  According to Delegate Susan Krebs, this section is the property of the post office, who could have installed the sidewalk when they built their building, but somehow they were not required to do so.  Once the work was finished, it was too late to require the post office to install a sidewalk.  So Krebs asked the county to provide a sidewalk, and the project has been on a queue for a while.  “I am pleased to see that the SHA followed up and this job is getting done,” Krebs said.

The section of route 32 between Progress Way and Londontowne Boulevard has seen more foot traffic than people might imagine, with students from Liberty High School heading to the stores to work or shop after school, not to mention sports fans leaving the fields after games.

There are “gaps” in the sidewalk around Eldersburg where developments were made without being required to include sidewalks.  Newer developments do install sidewalks per regulation.  There is a “sidewalk program” , and gradually residents will see them being filled in.

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