Police blocked off traffic along Streaker Road after a 61-year old man living in a house on the 900 block of the street fired at two state troopers sent to check on him by the Department of Social Services.

When police arrived, the man inside fired several shots out the window at the officers and then barricaded himself in the house.

Police temporarily closed Streaker Road between Routes 97 and 94 and formed a perimeter around the house.

After multiple attempts by negotiators, the man, John A. Payne, emerged alone and uninjured from the house after nine hours. He was taken to the Carroll Hospital Center in Westminster and will be arrested his release. He will be charged with two counts of first-degree assault and two counts of reckless endangerment.

Troopers from the Westminster Barrack, the Maryland State Police Special Tactical Assault Team Element (STATE Team), negotiators from the Hostage Recovery Team and Trooper 3 from the Frederick Aviation Section responded, and Winfield Community Volunteer Fire Department and Sheriff Deputies from the Carroll County Sheriff's Office provided assistance.

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