The 2011 season starts on April 1st and ends on October 31st. Park entrance fees are waived for senior citizens ages 62 and over. This does not include the boat launch fee.

2011 Park Open Season Hours are 7:00 am until Sunset (see times posted at gatehouse). Once the park gates are closed at sunset, no entry into park is allowed. This includes patrons on foot. Season passes can be purchased by cash, check or money order. Credit Cards Accepted in Office Only. Please make checks payable to Piney Run Park. Starting December 1, 2010, you may pick up your season pass at the Park Office 8 am until 4 pm, Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays. Once the season starts on April 1, 2011 you may pick up your pass at the gatehouse 7:00 am until 1 hour prior to park closing time (see times posted at gatehouse).

When you arrive to receive your season pass, Piney Run Park staff will need to affix the pass to either your front bumper, your windshield (driver’s side), or on the door jam of the driver’s door. Boat passes will be affixed to the boat itself (port side forward of mid line), not to the trailer. Passes which are not affixed to vehicles or boats in this manner, will not be honored. Please remember that an "additional car pass" may only be purchased for a vehicle that is registered to the same address as the original pass.

2011 Season Pass Prices

  • Carroll County Resident (1st vehicle only) $40
  • All others (1st vehicle only) $55
  • Additional vehicle (2 max) $15/each
  • Boat Launching Pass (1st boat only) $50
  • Additional Boat passes (2 Max) $20/each
  • (Regardless of county residence and Senior Citizens)

2011 Daily Entrance Fees

  • Carroll County Resident $5/vehicle
  • All others $10/vehicle
  • Private Boat Launch $8/boat
  • (Regardless of county residence and Senior Citizens)

The Board of County Commissioners sponsors these and other activities at Piney Run Park and Nature Center through the Department of Recreation And Parks. Piney Run Park is located at 30 Martz Road, Sykesville, Maryland. For more information, visit or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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