krebssusan300Susan Krebs is running for re-election as representative of District 9B in the Maryland House of Delegates, she recently announced at Sykesville-Freedom District Fire on Hall on Nov. 10.

District 9B includes Eldersburg, Sykesville, Woodbine, Gamber and Windfield. Krebs was first elected in 2002 when District 9B was formed to accommodate the increased growth of southern Carroll County. She was re-elected in 2006.

The issues

Krebs has taken a strong stance on various issues over her time in office. Check out the table below for excerpts from her Web site on various issues.

Economic Development She is in favor of increased economic development: “In Carroll County, new businesses will reduce our property tax load by broadening the tax base, creating jobs and re-energizing some of our county’s neglected architectural treasures.” However, she saw some flaws with the recent Carroll County Comprehensive Plan.
She is in favor of better roads and has been a strong advocate of the MD 26 improvements through Eldersburg:.
Krebs worked as a member and eventually became president of the Carroll County Board of Education. She’s now applying her lessons learned statewide: “This is critical at a time when Baltimore City has the highest per-pupil spending in the state, with 81 percent of its education dollars coming from taxpayers like us, who live outside the city. In contrast, our schools here in Carroll County put education dollars to their highest and best use.”
Fiscal Responsibility Krebs opposes state-mandated programs that can not feasibly be funded: “[…] government needs to live within its means. That’s why she has voted against more than $2 billion in proposed new taxes and worked with Governor Ehrlich to put our state government on a fiscal diet.”
Quality of Life
“[…] Susan moved to Eldersburg for its low crime, excellent schools and wide open spaces. But as South Carroll mushroomed into the fastest growing and most populous area of the county, Susan led successful efforts to build Piney Ridge Elementary, Oklahoma Road Middle and Century High schools. Today, as State Delegate, she has helped bring a record number of new projects to District 9B.”
“Susan is deeply committed to enhancing the quality of our air and water, as well as preserving open space and improving our recreational facilities. Sometimes, the answer is simple enforcement of strict laws already on the books. Other times, Susan pushed broad new initiatives to protect and preserve our natural resources for the next generation.”
Family Values
Krebs believes that Carroll County “is a place where traditional American family values are lived out every day in our churches, schools, community and sports organizations.” She is also in favor of traditional marriage.
Property Rights She feels that “property owners should not be forced out to generate more tax revenue for government.” She is opposed to unfair government seizure of land.
Immigrant Laws She “welcomes all immigrants who come to our country with plans to work hard and obtain U.S. citizenship,” but opposes “any proposals to reward illegal immigrants with privileges that rightly belong to those who obeyed the law and waited their turn.”

Some 2009 bills

As of Nov. 19, Delegate Krebs has sponsored a total of 96 bills in the Maryland House of Delegates. The table below lists her most recent bills, according to her Web site. The table below shows some of the more recent ones. For a list broken up into years, click here.

House Bill 745 May 7, 2009 Town of Sykesville’s participation in the Employees’ Pension System
House Bill 72 May 7, 2009 Prohibits a person from sending text-messages while driving, with certain exceptions such as contacting 9-1-1.
House Bill 39 May 19, 2009 Regulation of out-of-state association contracts for health insurance
House Bill 85 May 19, 2009 Requires institutions of higher learning in the state to disclose information to students about college textbook cost, revisions in content, and more.
House Bill 1264 May 19, 2009 Authorizes schools to develop and implement Wellness Policy Implementation and Monitoring Plans. Promotes wellness in Maryland schools.

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