Board Restructures County Government

The Carroll County Board of Commissioners approved a new structure for county government that reflects a smaller senior level cabinet format at a significant cost savings. Since taking office on December 6, 2010, the Board has been discussing options that would align similar services; ultimately creating a reduction in departmental directors. The new structure resulted in a savings of approximately $427,000 to the County’s operating budget.

Board President Doug Howard said, “These decisions reflect the commitment of this board to less government, lower costs and addressing the needs of our community in these difficult economic times.” This Board of County Commissioners has also structured its own office for saving. It has eliminated the five special assistant positions and the deputy chief of staff position. It has eliminated the practice or per diem payments and cars for commissioners. It will operate the board with five commissioners for approximately $140,000 less than the prior board operated with three.

As part of the new organization a Land Use, Planning and Development department has been formed to focus on protecting the traditions critical to the residents of Carroll County. “Our decision to restructure the Planning Department and our continued effort to support property rights are not a call for uncontrolled growth as some have suggested,” Howard said. “It is an effort to protect the constitutional rights of our citizens while creating a predictable and welcoming environment for business that also serves to protect open space, agriculture and the rural nature of our community.” The eight newly formed departments include: Land Use, Planning and Development, Comptroller, Administrative Services, Budget and Management, Public Works and Facilities, County Attorney, Citizen Services, and Economic Development.

“Carroll County is very fortunate to have excellent staff and department heads that are truly experts in their fields of endeavor. We look forward to working with the newly restructured team to do more with less and serve the needs and will of our constituents," Howard said

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