South Carroll Delegate Susan Krebs recently released an update on Carroll County politics:

"Carroll has been at the center of state political news this July because of the petition drive to stop in-state tuition for illegal immigrants and for an important meeting between the Carroll's Delegation and its Commissioners.

As you may have heard, Carroll's citizens led the state in signing a petition to bring the recent in-state tuition for illegal immigrants law to referendum. As of last week, Carroll County submitted 13,074 signatures. This is 12.43% of the voters who voted in the last presidential election, making us first in the state.

I am proud of those who devoted many hours to collecting thousands of signatures, and I would like to thank those who downloaded the petition and those who collected signatures. This was an important effort to bring the matter to a vote so that everyone can have their voices heard. Petition drives are very difficult and referendum in Maryland are very rare. This is truly a great accomplishment.

While news of the petition drive's success broke, the Joint Meeting of the Board of County Commissioners and the Carroll County Delegation took place. The meeting was established as the first in a series of regular meetings that will foster communication between Carroll's elected officials. The first meeting established what both sides were looking for regarding procedures and how the Commissioners can best provide input on future state legislation.

Additionally, the meeting brought up many upcoming rules and regulations that would affect Carroll County, including laws regarding the governor's proposed septic tank regulations, updates on potential economic development throughout the county, and concerns over the possible impact of the state shifting teacher pension costs to the county. More information on the event can be found by clicking on these Carroll County Times articles, Commissioners, Delegates Seek to Expedite Local Legislation Process and Teamwork Improves Processes ."

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